Baby and family

My photos…

Sleeping baby

One area which I have had a bit of experience with is baby photography.  Naturally this turns into family photography too but I like to speak to the family and see what sort of thing they have in mind for the photographs of them and their children.




Baby sat



Some people like the more creative photo, some the more classic.  Whichever suits you, feel free to contact me if you would like me to see what I can do for you.




A mum and her son




All of the images on this site were taken by me.  No stock photos.  I am always looking for a challenge, so feel free to contact me if you have some ideas you want to try out.







Tips for baby and family photos

Baby feetChoosing what you want the photos to be…

One thing which I always ask is “What sort of photos are you trying to get?”.  The answer is normally that the family have no idea.  Try having a think about it.  Do you want to show your family as they are normally? Do you want to express a particular emotion?  Where are you planning on putting it?  In your house, an album, on FaceBook? Do you want something different or arty that you can put on the wall?  Do you like, colour? Black and white?  Something natural, something Photoshopped?  Do you have a particular colour you want to highlight for the room you are putting it in?  All of these are important thoughts and thinking about them can be daunting, but only you really know what you are trying to get out of your photos.  Whatever it is, I will be happy to try and capture the look you want and adapt the images after the shoot to meet your needs.


What to wear…

One thing you might want to consider is what to wear.  This may sound obvious… you want to look good for your photos… yes, but have you thought

2 Boys

about things like what colours would be the best idea?  My tip is to think about what you want the main focal point of your pictures to be.  You don’t want the baby’s Baby from feetnatural skin tones to be out done by the bright lime green trousers you are wearing, or the slogan on your t-shirt.  You want the focus to be on the faces and the emotion of the image, so in gentle, pleasant photos, I like to go for pastel colours and soft gentle clothing.  Having different colours for each person in the photo can work nicely as it draws your eye towards the different people, just bare in mind that if you want the baby to be the focal point, perhaps your clothing shouldn’t out shine theirs.


Baby with balloonsWhat props to use…

There are lots of things to consider here.  For the gentle soft coloured photos, why not consider simple shapes with simple colouring.

Of course, the favourite toy is a must, and if in doubt, bring it along.  We can always take some photos and see how it goes, if it works well, hit the print button!  if not, maybe we can save it for something slightly more unusual with the help of Photoshop 😉

I am starting to get a small collection of props and traditional toys, I don’t have many so make sure you bring whatever you think you would like to see in the photos.  And remember, please make sure you keep babies and children supervised and check all props yourself beforehand for suitability.


What if they are in a bad mood?

Oh well, it happens!

Smiling baby

When I am working with children, I have come to the conclusion that there is no point trying to pose them too much and the more they get moved and shifted around, the less happy they get.  This will show in the photos too.  Make sure you stay in the room with the children at all times.  This is generally good advice but especially important as you don’t want to give any excuse for the child to get upset.  Talking to them and not getting frustrated is the key.  If we don’t get the shot you want, we can have a rethink and try again another time if we need to.  I can’t guarantee I will get the particular shots you want.  Kids are unpredictable, but don’t forget, that can work in your favour too!


Baby and toyFinally… Enjoy it!

Having your photograph taken doesn’t have to be a stressful time.  I apologise now if I take one when you weren’t expecting it, you might be surprised how well it comes out!  If there is anything you are worried about, let me know.  If you would like a chat to see what I am like, contact me with your details and I will give you a call.  It can often help if I meet you and your family before the shoot as it means that you and your family will feel more comfortable, that is what makes great photos.