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Hello everyone,


Sorry it has been such a long time since I have posted and sorry for the fact that this isn’t photography related (unless you count the use of a phones camera to scan an image). Much of my time has been taken up with a new venture of mine… HubBuddy.


Apple devices can download it here:

Android coming soon.

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The last few months (probably 5 or 6) has seen me working with a friend of mine on a new idea which intends to make people’s lives that little bit easier. We have created a completely FREE new app called HubBuddy, which allows people to turn your home or work wifi name and password into an image, that once scanned using the app on a friend’s device, adds the wifi details directly into their wifi settings. This means giving access to your wifi now takes seconds, rather than minutes.


We have all felt the pain. Go to the wifi router, find the correct name for your wifi, then try and decipher which code is the correct one, to then type it into your friends phone six times because you misspell, misread or mistype the code with lowercase, capital letters, numbers and symbols that no-one knows the actual name of. Pain in the backside isn’t it. Yeah, I thought so too. So I came up with a plan to get rid of this hassle. I spoke to a friend of mine who knows his stuff to see if t was a good idea and we decided to give it a bash.


6 months later, HubBuddy is released on the Apple App Store.


Open the app, tap the “create new network” button and enter your wifi name and password just the once and a minute later, you have an image (it’s called a QR, one of those square looking barcode things). You can also print one out from our website. Now, whenever someone new wants to connect to your wifi, they open the HubBuddy app show the image to the camera and it is done. The app automatically adds the wifi name and password to your wifi settings. Now you can go to the wifi settings on your phone or tablet, see the wifi name and it already has the password. Tap the network name and you are connected to their internet. No need to give out your password or anything.


I really do hope that people find this useful. We are currently developing the Android version and have big plans to make it even better.


I will keep everyone up-to-date with it but please can I ask people to download it, give it a go, like and share our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. We want this to go big, and with your help, it might.

Thanks everyone. Please spread the word!

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