A huge part of your family.  Your dog, cat, sheep, tarantula, llama, whatever.  If you want me to capture the creatures which mean the most to you, please let me know.


Tips for photos of your pet


Dog in gardenUnless you have the model pet (which I never have), like children, you can always count on your pet to do exactly as you didn’t want them to.  My best bit of advice is let them be doing what they love doing the most.  Not only will you get better pictures as your pet will be at their happiest, it will also leave you with photos of them which you will love as your happiest times with them.


Kitten playing with a branch

Let them run around, let them get dirty, let them laze around, whatever reminds you of your pet, lets see what we can do to work with it.  Contact me with your ideas and the relevant info and we can arrange a time and a place.


Props can be fun!  I have photographed dogs with their favourite bone, kittens with a ball of wool, all sorts.  Just remember, simple, one colour items will probably work best as you dont want anything too busy in the scene.  Something which might catch the pet’s interest or just something which means everything to your pet.