Photography Types

What kind of photography?

I am happy to try any kind of photography style that you may be looking for.  The styles I have shot most are as follows:

I would love to hear from you if you are looking for one of the above topics but I am also looking for some new challenges.  In particular, if you are a budding makup artist, fashion guru, model etc. who wants to work together to create something different, please contact me and we can discuss what you have in mind.


Do I edit my photos?

Generally speaking, I only do a little bit of tweaking of my photos.  Make sure the brightness, colour or contrast is right etc..  The images on here have only had that sort of treatment.  Even the one above which looks like it has had a sepia filter applied was left as you see it.  If you do want something done, please let me know.  I can do a few things to remove imperfections or I can completely revamp the image to something completely different if you would like.  Have a chat with me to see what is possible.


Can I organise prints or canvas etc.?

Sure, I love the whole process.  From taking the photos, to flicking through, choosing my favourites, to delivery, to print.  I cant wait to see the end product of every shoot I do.  I have looked at the best places and done my homework to get prints at good prices, with excellent quality.  To get the best quality photos, I have now teamed up with a company called WQCanvas.  By teaming up with them, I can give you the prints at their prices and I also work closely with them to make sure that my photos are tuned perfectly to their printing process.  One thing I do prefer, is to organise prints myself, rather than having you put them in for processing.  Not because I want to charge you ridiculous amounts of money, but I want you to end up with the best prints you can.  When you order prints through me, I will make sure the photos are adjusted to suit your printing preferences, allowing better colours and resolution and proofing them to make sure there are as few imperfections as possible.


I do this for the enjoyment, not the money.